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Personal security

     EVRAAS Euro-Asian Association of Producers of Goods and Services, that unites expertise and technologies of more than its’ 40 members, including manufacturers of information security systems and providers of security services, offers navigation on the market of engineering, hardware and software tools manufactured by the Association's members to ensure private security of individuals.

     The products of the Association members allow to ensure physical security of individuals, premises, and other objects of private property, ensure information security and security of personal data stored on personal computers, smartphones and other means of communication, as well as guarantee safety in case of emergencies.

     Engineering and technical means for protection of objects and premises, including integrated security systems, electronic locks, armored protection windows and doors, allow personal security in private premises to be ensured, and guarantee protection against unauthorized and unlawful access, as well as notify emergency services of an emergency situation to ensure their timely response.

     Means of personal defense, such as electric shockers and specialized search equipment, used not only by specialized services, but also available for use by civil individuals, for example, radiation monitoring devices, thermal cameras and metal detectors, allow individuals timely react in emergency situations or threats to personal safety, such as an attack or natural disasters.

    Means of documenting information, information protection devices and technical means of suppressing and destroying information ensure security of personal data and other confidential information stored on personal computers and\or transmitted via Internet, and help to destroy confidential information in case  the carrier of confidential personal information is lost.

Technical solutions

  • Technical solutions for protection of objects and premises
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  • Devices for personal defence
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  • Equipment for inspection and search
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  • Information security and data protection systems
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  • Facilities for documenting information
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  • Information destruction facilities
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Cooperation with EVRAAS Association


EVRAAS for more than 25 years promotes the development of the market of security technologies and information security.

Comprehensive approach

EVRAAS unites expertise and technologies of more than 40 participants - manufacturers of systems and service providers in the field of security.

Directory of business solutions

EVRAAS serves as a navigator in choosing the optimal solutions for ensuring personal safety, security in organizations, public safety and meeting the requirements of state security agencies.

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