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Public security

     EVRAAS Euro-Asian Association of Producers of Goods and Services, that unites expertise and technologies of more than its’ 40 members, including manufacturers of information security systems and providers of security services, offers navigation on the market of engineering, hardware and software tools manufactured by the Association's members to ensure security in public spaces and at venues of urban infrastructure such as parks, streets of the city, places of mass congestion during city events, concerts, competitions, as well as on the objects of transport infrastructure, railway and bus stations, airports and in public transport. Members of EVRAAS Association offer products and technical solutions that can effectively solve such problems as:

  • Safety of visitors to public premises and spaces from unauthorized access of potentially dangerous persons
  • Inspection and control of access to public spaces and to infrastructure facilities of prohibited devices, objects and substances
  • Monitoring and video security recording
  • Emergency security and emergency services alert system

Technical solutions

Cooperation with EVRAAS Association


EVRAAS for more than 25 years promotes the development of the market of security technologies and information security.

Comprehensive approach

EVRAAS unites expertise and technologies of more than 40 participants - manufacturers of systems and service providers in the field of security.

Directory of business solutions

EVRAAS serves as a navigator in choosing the optimal solutions for ensuring personal safety, security in organizations, public safety and meeting the requirements of state security agencies.

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